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       He's still a teenager, right? So the teenager has his growing pains, he's just a normal kid, so what's the trouble? For example, the language in which we think, I haven't learned to fly yet, right, and then I've learned to fly clumsily, you see at this level of logic, is he confused by his pursuit of this? Yes, because he has to overcome the difficulties, he has to overcome the greater difficulties of our more able-bodied children, so he is confused, I have not yet learned to fly, there is a new loneliness in me, he has his loneliness, right, although he has a sunny side, right, you have a loneliness like me. On August 10th, qinghua - Guizhou Big data Postgraduate Practice Education Base co-sponsored by Guiyang High-tech Zone organization, Human Resources Department and District Bureau of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Dream weavers & have spent Sailing & throughout; Big data enterprise tutor exchange meeting was held in Guiyang High-tech Zone. Guizhou Province Big Data Bureau, Six teachers from Tsinghua University, 21 enterprise mentors from Guiyang High-tech Zone, etc., attended the meeting and exchanged views on the development of the base and talent cultivation of the base. Qingha-guizhou Big Data Postgraduate Practice Education Base aims to explore the innovation mode of joint cultivation of high-level engineering talents by the government, universities and enterprises. It is an important carrier to create collaborative innovation, innovative resources and elements for the sustainable development of big data industry in Guizhou province, and provides talent support and intellectual guarantee. Under the guidance of Big Data Development Administration of Guizhou Province, 30 full-time postgraduates of the first batch of big-data-related disciplines have settled in the base for study and practice since the base was officially opened on February 25, 2019. The second batch of 30 full-time postgraduates has also arrived at the base one after another. Remarkable achievements have been made in the collaborative innovation of the industry, the university and the research institute, attracting and retaining talents, etc., giving full play to the demonstration and driving role of important carriers of the base. It is reported that through the joint action of relevant departments, the Internet black production has been effectively cleaned up. By the end of 2019, the number of malicious programs used in homepage hijacking dropped by more than 75% from 65 to 16 per month. In the "Net 2019" campaign, the public security authorities shut down more than 210 black production companies, destroyed or shut down more than 40 platforms that traded SMS verification codes and helped to register malicious accounts, and arrested more than 14,000 suspects. The report noted that despite the initial success in cracking down on cyber hacking, cyber hacking activities are becoming increasingly professional and covert, and increasingly automated. In online fraud crimes such as "pig-killing dish", criminals buy and sell accurate personal information so as to understand the hobbies and characteristics of the target population. Through malicious registration of social accounts, and then "raise", with a complete social information, very confusing; Automatic tools for black production are also emerging, and the threshold for black production is gradually lowered.

      In order to strengthen the enforcement force of the regulations and the rigid constraint, units and individuals who fail to put domestic garbage in the prescribed place or way shall be ordered by the competent environmental health authorities to make corrections; If the circumstances are serious, a fine of not less than 50,000 yuan but not more than 500,000 yuan shall be imposed on the unit and a fine of not less than 100 yuan but not more than 500 yuan shall be imposed on the individual. Source reduction is the fundamental way to improve the reduction and recycling of household garbage. On the one hand, units and individuals are encouraged to purchase and use comprehensive utilization products and reusable products in line with the idea of encouraging and mandatory. Green office is promoted in government organs and public institutions, and comprehensive utilization products and reusable products are purchased with priority. On the other hand limit the overuse of disposable supplies, office, institution does not use or reduce the use of disposable supplies, catering business operator shall not take the initiative to offer consumers disposable tableware, hotel and business operation entities shall not take the initiative to offer consumers rooms disposable supplies, promote life waste source reduction.     

       "When children from other places come to the village, most of their accommodation and meals are in the homes of 'new villagers'." Wu Chen's home in Dalmoyu village often provides accommodation for children at summer camps. In addition to summer camps for children from other places, "Moyu Village School" will also carry out summer activities for children from the village, focusing on expanding skills and tutoring homework to relieve the summer pressure of farmers. There are designers, painters, artisans and pilots among the "new villagers" in Dameyu Village, and there are many highly educated talents such as master's degree and doctor's degree. Therefore, this small village is also called "excellent student village". During the summer holiday, other "new villagers" in Tai Mo Yu Village also launched different activities, such as rammed earth building workshop, to help children and adults to enrich their lives during the holiday.   At a press conference held recently, Nie Mingjun, director of the department of pension insurance under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, once again responded to social concerns. & other; The waiver of social security premiums will not affect ensuring that pensions are paid in full and on time. Throughout the &; Nie said the policy had been studied, carefully evaluated and accurately measured in advance, and was based on the premise that pension payments must be made on time and in full. Looking at the foundation, thanks to years of rapid economic development, the enterprise pension insurance fund has accumulated considerable. Background & throughout; . By the end of June, China's corporate pension insurance fund had accumulated a balance of 4.77 trillion yuan, and it is expected to maintain a balance of more than 3.8 trillion yuan by the end of the year. In addition, China has a strategic reserve fund for social security totaling more than 2 trillion yuan.

      Children experience woodwork at a cultural industrial park in Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang city, North China's Hebei Province, Aug. 10, 2018. During the summer vacation, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province is open to children. Experience the charm of intangible cultural Heritage. Activities. Children carry out research activities in Jitailian Cultural Industry Park, We will focus on preventing major risks, focus on preventing and controlling coVID-19, maintaining stability through letters and visits, work safety, government debt, and finance, and firmly guard against all kinds of risks to ensure overall social harmony and stability.    

      Talking about this year's tourism market and experience, Zheng Xianjun said, five years in the industry, never this year so much pressure. & other; It is not enough to live; one must live better. Throughout the &; Zheng xianjun says he and his colleagues have been keeping an eye on the development of the travel market over the past six months, even though business has stagnated. Even without the epidemic, the travel market is in constant flux, and the epidemic has only accelerated this change. By & lsquo; Such as & rsquo; No, we can't. We have to change. Throughout the &; Since the restoration of the cross-province tour, Mr. Zheng has also captured some changes. For example, customized demands from tourists prefer to include features of home stay; After arriving at the destination, make detailed requirements on the vehicles selected for local traffic. & other; Even with custom teams, visitors sometimes temporarily adjust the route. Throughout the &; Zheng Xianjun said that the new demand of tourists is the travel agency products. Line & throughout; This is a new challenge for practitioners. & other; Tourism is a service industry, service and quality is always the first priority. That will not change for the time being. Throughout the &; Led by lookout kan-she zhou founded China happiness city laboratory introduced the index system of city happiness based on big data, including the employment index, income index, the quality of life index, the index of ecological environment, the city attraction index and index of public security, education, transportation, medical health index in nine level indicators, as well as hundreds of secondary subdivision index. With the technical support of the Business intelligence Laboratory of Baidu Research Institute, the index system has collected more than 10 trillion pieces of relevant urban sample data. Through big data collection, questionnaire survey, material declaration, field research, expert evaluation and other methods, this year's survey selection will finally produce "The happiest Cities in China 2020", and the list will be released in October. Under the unified arrangement and deployment of Qingzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, hongfenghu Disabled Persons' Federation is responsible for the organization and implementation of the training. It aims to enable disabled people to master certain vocational skills through training, promote them to start their own businesses and find jobs, and enhance their production and life skills. The main content of the training is & LDQUO; Batik, embroidery, sewing; And so on, the training period lasts for 5 days. This training is in & LDquo; Guizhou Xizuoli Ethnic Handicraft Workshop With our strong support and careful arrangement, we provide students with a comfortable place to study. At the same time, we also provide ethnic handicraft workshops for students to observe and learn. Technicians patiently and meticulously teach students their business skills. At the opening ceremony of the class, the person in charge of Xizuoli said that the students with outstanding academic performance would be employed in the handicraft workshop. Meanwhile, the person in charge of Xizuoli also said that as long as the ethnic handicrafts produced by the students meet the production requirements, the company would be responsible for recycling them.   

      It is an important task to promote the high-quality development of Guiyang, develop high-quality and balanced public services, and promote the equalization, popularization and convenience of public services such as medical treatment, health care, education and elderly care. Tang Hua, director of the Education Department of the Bureau of Social Affairs Coordination of GUI 'an New District, said that the integrated development of GUI 'an in Guiyang has brought many opportunities for the high-quality development of GUI 'an education. GUI 'an New District can make use of the rich management experience of Guiyang Education Bureau over the years to straighten out the educational administrative management system and mechanism in a short time, and change the situation of weak educational management force, lack of development planning, unbalanced development and many shortcomings in GUI 'an for many years. With the help of the educational resources of Guiyang city, in terms of the construction of teaching staff, the improvement of school running conditions and the improvement of school running quality, it has realized the qualitative leap and cross-regional development, and made great efforts to meet the people's growing demand for high-quality educational resources. & other; Guiyang guian's educational advantages complement each other, and it will certainly be able to provide talent support for building an important economic growth pole in the western region, a new inland open economy highland, and an ecological civilization demonstration area, and make its due contribution to education. Throughout the &; Tang Hua said.      This year, our city plans to recruit 430 special post teachers (157 junior high schools and 273 primary schools), including 100 teachers from Qinyang City, 40 teachers from Mengzhou, 150 teachers from Wuzhi County, 80 teachers from Wen County, 20 teachers from Boai County and 40 teachers from Xiuwu County. A total of 6,633 candidates took part in the written examination of rural schools in Henan Province in 2020 on August 9. Chen Zhaowu, a second-level researcher from the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Department of the Provincial Education Department, visited Zhuhai, accompanied by Party Secretary and director Jiang Yongli of the Municipal Education Bureau and other leaders.

      Different from the traditional school teaching method, the base adopts the mode of double tutorial system, that is, the tutor of tsinghua University headquarters and the tutor of Guizhou Practice base. In view of the remarkable development in the early stage of the base and the upcoming enrollment of a new group of students, Tsinghua University is expected to add 20 master's students, a total of 50 graduate students. Conference site, the provincial institute of analysis test institute, province grid, China unicom, zhongnan branch, space cloud network, lang ma information 21 state-owned enterprises, research institutes, such as high growth big data business mentor published his advice, six with tsinghua university teacher, topic selection mechanism, is student exchange mechanism, how to promote projects for both schools and enterprises and scientific research achievements transformation, how to establish the student problem such as a long-term incentive mechanism in enterprises, launches the discussion.  Different from the traditional school teaching method, the base adopts the mode of double tutorial system, that is, the tutor of tsinghua University headquarters and the tutor of Guizhou Practice base. In view of the remarkable development in the early stage of the base and the upcoming enrollment of a new group of students, Tsinghua University is expected to add 20 master's students, a total of 50 graduate students. Conference site, the provincial institute of analysis test institute, province grid, China unicom, zhongnan branch, space cloud network, lang ma information 21 state-owned enterprises, research institutes, such as high growth big data business mentor published his advice, six with tsinghua university teacher, topic selection mechanism, is student exchange mechanism, how to promote projects for both schools and enterprises and scientific research achievements transformation, how to establish the student problem such as a long-term incentive mechanism in enterprises, launches the discussion. Due to the slow writing speed, it was difficult for Yao junpeng to finish his composition. His Chinese scores were mostly in the 70s and 80s, which made him the weakest subject. Before this year's college entrance exam, yao submitted a delayed application to the education examination department with the help of the school, and was soon approved, with 30 percent more time for each subject. Yao junpeng finished his Chinese test paper for the first time in the college entrance examination. & have spent With 623 points, yao Junpeng has sweat a lot. Although he has physical obstacles, with the support of his parents and teachers, Yao Junpeng has realized a broader life possibility with unremitting efforts and self-discipline different from ordinary people. The illness has affected Yao Junpeng's language expression, but the big boy's heart is not closed, he writes the longing and thoughts in his heart. In 2017, Wu Chen, who was eager to promote poverty alleviation through education, came to Dalmoyu Village on the recommendation of a friend. Immediately attracted by the strong cultural atmosphere in the village, she rented a space of nearly 400 square meters to build "Moyu Village School" and explore life education suitable for rural areas. "It is used as a kindergarten for children in the village." "Village school" also has a semester to help look after the children in the village, with at least three teachers teaching different subjects to the children every day, Wu said. At weekends, the village school offers children over the age of six a variety of life education, including "hard skills" such as English and writing, as well as "soft skills" such as emotional management through painting and music.

         In the liberated areas on either side of the south-to-north water transfer period of nantong jiaozuo city luqiao east king chu chu area, west king, builders will moving mass distribution, Canton and introduction of "the may fourth peasant political night school" carved on a wall, recorded the character of the village migration process, the history of the village, the names of more than 1000 households were engraved on the stone wall, the way l feel kind. "Landscape, supporting facilities and culture should be ensured; We should pay attention to the historical inheritance, cherish this unique and precious resource, and excavate and inherit the spirit of the south-to-North Water Diversion project. We need to enhance cultural connotation so that ordinary people can not only see the scenery, but also be educated and strengthened in the process of reviewing this unforgettable history." On May 9, 2018, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, extended the project to Coke to conduct research on the relocation and construction of the south-north Water Diversion Project. In recent years, some places are developing in order to Look good. Regardless of the actual, disorderly spread out, blind borrowing events are not a few. Shaanxi Hancheng investment 190 million yuan deliberately pursue & LDquo; Carp leap over the dragon gate. Image effect of; Dushan County debt building & LDQuo; There is no water in the world. & other; The world's highest glazed pottery building. ; Rucheng, hunan province, a state-level poor county, spent 48 million yuan on the square, with only six ginkgo trees spending 2.85 million yuan. & hellip; All these examples remind us that local development, norms are more important than scale, and sustainable development is more important than momentary glory. We should make rational use of debt financing with institutional mechanism as guarantee. At the same time, we should fully respect the people's right to know, to speak and to supervise. Only in this way can we ensure that the money is spent on the most important and practical matters affecting people's livelihood.

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& other; Billions of industrial projects have failed, leaving 5,000 mu of land uncultivated. , Dushan County in Guizhou has borrowed 40 billion yuan to carry out image project, the aftereffect is not smooth, Sichuan Bazhong rise again. On August 9, Bazhou District released a statement on "Ten thousand mu of Land left behind in Sichuan Bazhong Multi-billion Industry Project", which explained that the media exposed the project land and project schedule, including the industrial development experience. Intestinal obstruction & throughout; And so on, partly inconsistent with the actual situation. The unfinished image project has become a fact, the urgent matter is to think of ways, measures to reduce the loss to the minimum. The fact that so much land is left uncultivated shows that local governments are out of touch with reality in the exercise of public power. & other; Rdquo; RDquo; The rectification of the storm should also blow from now on, to seek truth from facts to do revision, down-to-earth to correct mistakes. We should actively explore the possibility of reusing some idle resources and explore various ways to make up for the loss. Recently, Kunming covers an area of nearly 2000 acres of the big southwest Sea in the end of nearly 7 years by Shanghai enterprises & LDQuo; Flange & throughout; , start the follow-up development, can be regarded as a reference. ....

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The year 2020 will be the final year for the construction of the Jiaozuo City section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. Our city will further improve the green belt construction standards, to protect water, water to the people, to enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and satisfaction. ....

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South-north water diversion project of jiaozuo city section in the construction of green belts, party secretary wang xp stressed several times, to fully mix history culture and the humanities, dig the story behind the project itself, immigration, and ecological protection, comprehensive building, hierarchical areas show good water culture and spirit of south-to-north water transfer jiaozuo, explore, protect good, universal cultural heritages and speak good story from jiaozuo, building green belts project into real showcase and memory of the great project of scenic spot. In addition to the construction of each characteristic natural landscape, the park at each node of the green belt in jiaozuo urban area of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project has also built the site landscape of the village, the restoration of ancient buildings, and the protection of the ancient trees left over from the reclamation and relocation, so as to retain nostalgia. In addition, the city in the northeast corner of the main canal of the south-to-north water diversion project in renmin road into the city to build a collection exhibition, education, culture, records, and experience in an integrated water memorial hall, in the first out of the city in the construction of south-to-north water transfer project on the first floor, combined with the echo each other at a distance of sanyo city and wenbo places, show its local literature and history, create new heights, its history and culture. ....