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      Led by lookout kan-she zhou founded China happiness city laboratory introduced the index system of city happiness based on big data, including the employment index, income index, the quality of life index, the index of ecological environment, the city attraction index and index of public security, education, transportation, medical health index in nine level indicators, as well as hundreds of secondary subdivision index. With the technical support of the Business intelligence Laboratory of Baidu Research Institute, the index system has collected more than 10 trillion pieces of relevant urban sample data. Through big data collection, questionnaire survey, material declaration, field research, expert evaluation and other methods, this year's survey selection will finally produce "The happiest Cities in China 2020", and the list will be released in October. According to the planning, the GS-02-02(2) plot is located in the GS-02 business unit in the southwest of Guanshan Cluster. To Yuntan South Road in the east, Beijing West Road in the south, Shangcheng East Road in the west, xingzhu West Road in the north, the total planned land area is 403.17 hectares. The planned construction land is 387.61 hectares, urban const&