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      To "beautiful" as a standard to lift the level of appearance, to the county development for a breakthrough. We will continue to follow the principle of "three areas of development" in county governance. We will make overall plans for urban and rural planning, industrial development, ecological improvement, public services, and infrastructure in county areas. We will speed up the expansion of county seat capacity and quality, and strive to create demonstration counties (cities) in county governance. We should learn from the experience of the "Ten-million Project" in Zhejiang province and the improvement of rural living environment in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, carry out in-depth improvement of rural living environment, vigorously promote the "three integration" construction of urban and rural garbage treatment, sewage treatment and water supply, and the "double extension" of infrastructure and public services, and speed up the construction of characteristic small towns and beautiful villages. We will continue to build "Four good rural roads" with high quality and strive to become a national demonstration city of "four good rural roads" across the region. In this regard, we should improve the policy, strengthen the assessment, and strictly follow the procedures and standardize the operation. This year, relevant departments in many regions have organized a "look back" on the construction and management of affordable housing. Through field research and investigation, we have promoted the implementation of affordable housing policies in place and standardized and orderly construction and management. "In view of the already built affordable housing, we should strictly check the construction quality and other problems, so as to avoid new security risks." Tan Xuewen, a researcher at the Institute of rural development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that "at the same time, according to our investigation and research, there is a small number of people who temporarily live in relatives or neighbors' homes, and there is a situation of" no fixed place of residence ", which also needs to be paid attention to."    

      Altay news network news (correspondent Wei Ziyun ayden) at the beginning of autumn, the golden picking season of seabuckthorn fruit is ushered in. In the Seabuckthorn planting base of Xinjiang Kangyuan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. in Habahe County, orange seabuckthorn fruit has become a beautiful landscape. In recent years, Habahe County has put the development of seabuckthorn based small berry industry in the primary position of adjusting and optimizing the rural industrial structure. Through the introduction of enterprises for R & D and innovation, the industry chain of Hippophae rhamnoides has been continuously extended. On August 8, dasdan talkhatibek, a poverty-stricken household in kulebai Town, Habahe County, was picking Seabuckthorn at the Seabuckthorn planting base of Xinjiang Kangyuan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. At present, ten thousand acres of large fruit Seabuckthorn "late autumn red" lush. On the tall and straight branches, the leaves of Hippophae rhamnoides as thin as willow leaves are stacked one after another. These golden fruits have also changed the lives of hundreds of farmers and herdsmen around. Zhao Lijian said that the announcement of the US side's withdrawal from the who is another example of its unilateralism, withdrawal from the group and breaking the treaty. This practice of the United States undermines the international anti epidemic efforts, especially on developing countries in urgent need of international support. It is clear to all discerning people that the international community has unanimously opposed this. As the most authoritative and professional international organization in the field of global public health security, who plays an irreplaceable central coordinating role in response to the epidemic, he said. To support who is to support international anti epidemic cooperation and save lives, which is a broad consensus of the international community. &When people gather firewood, the flame is high. &"We hope that all parties can take practical actions to adhere to multilateralism, strengthen and improve the global governance system with the United Nations at the core, support who to continue to play a leading role in global anti epidemic cooperation, jointly increase positive influence on who, and offset the negative energy of" breaking the treaty and withdrawing from the group "and carrying out unilateralism; To build a community of human health. &(end)    [learning progress] recently, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. What did Xi Jinping's important directive emphasize? What's the significance? Xinhua News Agency "learning in progress" original brand column "workshop" launched the article, for your interpretation. Recently, general secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. For the phenomenon of food waste, he used eight words for evaluation: "shocking, heartbreaking!" He also quoted the ancient poem "who knows that all the dishes are hard to eat" to express his heartache. At the beginning of 2013, Xi Jinping saw a Xinhua News Agency saying that netizens called for a curb on the "waste on the tip of the tongue" in the food and beverage links. Then they made instructions to request "wasting the wind" and insisted on resolutely eliminating the waste of public funds. In January 22, 2013, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the two plenary session of the eighteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, emphasizing that we should vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of thrift and thrift of the Chinese nation, vigorously publicize the idea of saving honor and wasting shameful ideas, and strive to make frugality and oppose waste a common practice in the whole society. Since then, Xi Jinping has made important instructions repeatedly, vigorously promoting "frugal and opposing waste".


      For example, Guangdong Province has fully considered the local resource endowment and the bearing capacity of enterprises, and has determined the specific applicable tax rate, tax collection method and specific tax reduction and exemption measures for the taxable resources of Guangdong Province with the guidance of resource conservation and intensive utilization and environmental protection. For the 29 tax items that have been set in the resource tax reform of Guangdong Province in 2016, the applicable tax rate is directly shifted in principle, and the tax rate of individual tax items is appropriately adjusted; in principle, the tax rate of the 126 newly established tax items is determined according to the median value of the upper and lower limits of the tax rate of the resource tax law, and the ore dressing tax rate is determined according to a certain ratio of the raw ore tax rate. In terms of the Levy method, ad valorem is the main method, and only geothermal, mineral water and other clays are subject to specific levy. At the same time, in order to encourage enterprises to protect the environment and promote the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, preferential tax policies on the mining of associated minerals, low-grade ores and tailings have been formulated.  Ensuring housing safety is an important part of "two no worries and Three Guarantees". The article "on building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way" points out that, compared with the requirements of "two no worries and Three Guarantees", four aspects of problems are more prominent, one of which is "some poor people still live in dangerous houses". Special purchases for the Spring Festival in January 26th afternoon, Xi Jinping risked more than 30 degrees below zero, came to Guo Yongcai's house, to explore cellars, touch the wall, see the new year's goods, sit on the Kang head, and understand the life of one family. Since 2014, Aershan city has invested 4 billion yuan in total, collecting more than 10000 houses in shantytowns and raising 2700 resettlement houses. "I used to live in a bungalow, burning fire, collecting firewood and pouring ash, and my nose was black. Now I live in a building with a gas stove and water heater, and I don't have to go to a public bathhouse any more." Said Feng Xiuhua, Guo Yongcai's wife. &"Dahong village has natural advantages in ecological environment protection. It has 4000 mu ecological forest farm, and the purchase of carbon sink trees in the village will transform this ecological benefit into economic benefit. &Zhou Hengheng said that 27 poor households in Dahong village had contracted 450 trees for management, and subscription was made every three years. The management fee of more than 2000 yuan for the purchase of carbon sequestration trees is directly transferred from app to the ecological compensation card specially handled for them in three years.  

       During the work, the district Discipline Inspection Commission and supervision committee printed and distributed the leaflet page of social public opinion sampling survey on the party conduct and clean government construction in Guizhou Province in 2020 and a letter to the people in the whole district, widely publicized the construction of party conduct and clean government and anti-corruption work, and the method of social public opinion sampling survey since 2019, so as to improve the awareness and attention of the masses on this work; and require all departments directly under the district to carry out the work All streets (towns) actively publicize the achievements of the party's work style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work, build a strong ideological line of defense against corruption among cadres and workers, and enhance the confidence and determination of the masses to win the fight against corruption. Meanwhile, the district Discipline Inspection Commission and District Supervision Committee have opened up publicity channels to expand publicity coverage. They have been in &ldquo, &rdquo, WeChat official account, WeChat official account, &ldquo, happy rock &rdquo, WeChat public address and Yunyan District, and the party's integrity and propaganda has been released. In this regard, market supervision departments, consumer associations and various trade associations should strengthen norms and guide businesses to self-discipline. The unspoken rule of the official account should not only be unreasonable, but also easily cause consumers' antipathy. Some customers pay attention when they enter the door and cancel it when they go out, which has no practical effect; some consumers vote directly with their feet and choose other businesses, which is counterproductive.   

      With the improvement of economic development and social governance level, especially the government's attention to environmental health work, the city where we live and work is getting better and more beautiful. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia was widespread in the world in the beginning of this year. Our country resolutely adopted a series of measures including Patriotic Health Campaign to effectively control the spread of the epidemic, and many people's lifestyles also changed accordingly. Nowadays, wearing masks and washing hands often have become our daily life habits. The use of public chopsticks and good household hygiene have also been paid special attention to The epidemic situation makes more and more people realize that health is closely related to health care and lifestyle. This also leads us to pay more attention to health and more reverence to health. However, in addition to the construction of the public health and epidemic prevention system being vigorously promoted by the state, creating a clean and healthy working and living environment, cultivating good health habits and strengthening the concept of healthy life are also the strength that every citizen should contribute to "healthy China". We should focus on innovation and seek breakthrough in the way of expansion. Implement the precise positioning of offline investment promotion, take the initiative to expand investment channels. We will continue to carry out high-level investment promotion, use large-scale exchange and cooperation activities such as Guizhou international trade fair and tourism development conference to focus on the top 500 central enterprises to attract large and strong enterprises; take the industry chain as the guidance, strive for the support of relevant provincial and municipal authorities to attract investment accurately; link with chambers of Commerce, associations and other groups to establish a circle of friends and friends for investment promotion through government enterprise cooperation; and establish investment promotion with the help of third-party investment promotion companies Network, multi-channel collection of investment information. Online merchants rely on “ Internet +” ways, optimize project management, service and publicity work; build “ online public service platform ” “ investment project information. According to Zhaotong daily, on July 23, 2018, the Zhaotong preliminary competition of Yunnan division of the national amateur chess king competition and the "three Ding Cup" junior chess king competition came to a successful conclusion in Zhaotong. Fu Jingchen, a player from Zhaotong No.1 middle school, won the title of the men's group, which is the second time that he won the title of Yunnan junior chess king last year. The women's chess king was won by Duan Yidan, a player from Honghe Mengzi No.2 Middle School. The competition is a nationwide chess and card promotion project in hundreds of cities, counties and townships, aiming to promote the intellectual development of teenagers. After two days and nine rounds of fierce competition, Zhaotong player Fu Jingchen lived up to expectations and won the title of young men's chess king. Fu Jingchen, 17, began playing chess at the age of 8. He won the second place in the National Junior chess championship and the young chess king of Yunnan Province.   

      Yang pays as much attention to hospitalized patients as she can. Every morning, she would lead the doctors in the department to make ward rounds, understand the situation of the patients in the whole ward, timely communicate with the doctor in charge of bed and explain the matters for attention, so as to ensure that every patient could get the best treatment during the hospitalization. "As a doctor, only those who practice medicine with benevolence, consideration for patients and consideration for patients can better treat patients and relieve their mental and economic burden." Giudice lc said. The city's fifth People's Hospital in the three departments are mainly for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, patients here to see a doctor mentioned director Yang Jing, not a thumbs-up praise. Some patients not only seek Yang Jing's medical treatment by themselves, but also introduce their families and friends to Seek Yang Jing's medical treatment. Yang Jing wins the patient's trust with superb medical skill and noble medical ethics. Wen Guoxin introduces, for different families, home disinfection measures are not the same. For the families with infected persons, after the patients are transferred, the rooms they have lived in will be disinfected by professionals; for healthy families with epidemic prevention at home, preventive disinfection should be carried out once a week on the basis of daily cleaning. Daily home disinfection mainly includes hand washing, indoor ventilation, tableware disinfection and furniture disinfection. For the family with pregnant women, chronic patients and other special groups of family disinfection, mainly to wash hands frequently, indoor ventilation, tableware disinfection and household goods disinfection, only in the choice of disinfectant and disinfection operation can be paid attention to. "On that day, the general secretary said during his inspection in the village that migration and relocation is an effective way to overcome poverty. We should fully solicit the opinions of farmers and let them participate in the planning of new villages. " Su Jiangning said, "we select villagers' representatives to supervise the quality of the project; before choosing the house type, the village specially rented a bus to take the villagers out to observe, and the house type is decided by the villagers." LV Zhiwei, 57, was out of poverty after moving down the mountain for a year. "A subsidy of 1200 yuan per mu of land for conversion of farmland to forest; 5400 yuan of poverty alleviation industrial funds can be obtained for pig raising of poor households in the east of the village; 2500 yuan of bonus can be paid to each household for photovoltaic power generation every year; 18 mu of land has been transferred by my family, and there is grain subsidy every year!"  "My family used to live in group 10, Lishu village, Jintang Town, Qiaojia county. The transportation is inconvenient. Thanks to the party's good poverty alleviation policy, I have a warm home. The resettlement area is close to Ludian and Zhaotong, with convenient transportation and living in such a good community, I feel like I am living in a dream. " Liu Youfu said with a smile on his face. Liu Youfu is still worried about the debris flow and landslide accident that year. Since then, it has become Liu Youfu's wish to move his family to a safe place. But the maintenance of daily life has been stretched, where there is surplus money to relocate, build and move. With the development of poverty alleviation work in Jintang Town, Liu Youfu's family was included in the relocation object of poverty alleviation, and his wish was realized. In December 2019, after lottery, Liu Youfu was allocated a 150 square meter resettlement house located in block 3 of Maojiawan resettlement area. Seeing the spacious and bright new house, Liu Youfu was so excited that he didn't sleep for several nights.

       In his works, Zuo Tangquan first took a broad view and discussed Hanzhong, the birthplace of bronzes, from the grand background of geography and history. He quoted the Xinhua news agency as early as February 10, 1992 as saying: "a batch of Paleolithic tools were unearthed in Longgang temple, Nanzheng County, Shaanxi Province. According to the expert identification, these Paleolithic artifacts are more than 1.2 million years old, which is earlier than the Lantian ape man site." Therefore, in the "Shaanxi ancient history exhibition", the Shaanxi History Museum solemnly launched the cultural relics of the Paleolithic age in Liangshan, explaining to the audience that the history of Shaanxi started from Liangshan in Hanzhong. There are three signs of cultural maturity in academic circles: first, characters; second, urban living style; third, bronzes. Because human evolution began with making and using tools. The emergence of bronzes marks the great progress of productivity and the dawn of human civilization. Both Chinese and foreign anthropologists agree that bronze is the symbol of human civilization. Resource tax is a kind of tax levied on units and individuals who develop taxable resources in the territory of the people's Republic of China and other sea areas under the jurisdiction of the people's Republic of China. On August 26, 2019, the 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress passed the resource tax law. The industry pointed out that the resource tax law is an important measure to implement the legal principle of Taxation and improve the local tax system, and is an important part of the construction of green tax system. Keeping the current framework of resource tax system and tax burden unchanged is conducive to better use of tax means to promote resource conservation and strengthen the protection of ecological environment. Compared with the current resource tax, the resource tax law has adjusted the power to determine the specific tax rate. The resource tax law continues to adopt two types of tax rates: fixed tax rate and range tax rate. For resources with a range of tax rates, according to the requirements of implementing the legal principle of Taxation, the specific applicable tax rate shall be proposed by the provincial people's government and submitted to the Standing Committee of the people's Congress at the same level for decision. "Now we have tap water, WiFi and a lot of electrical appliances in our home," said bahejiang kermujiang, a resident of akekeren village. We've had a good farmhouse a few years ago, and we've got a lot of revenue

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