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        In his speech, NIMA Zhuoma pointed out that in the birthplace of the spirit of "two bombs and one star"; The establishment of the ideal and belief education base for private economy personages in China's Atomic City is an important measure to strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs, revolutionary tradition and patriotism for the people of private economy. It will further stimulate the motivation and feelings of private entrepreneurs to keep upright and innovate and serve the motherland. It will also be in a wider range, wider field and higher level Spread and carry forward the spirit of "two bombs and one star" and lay a strong ideological foundation for the development of China's private economy with excellent politics, solid style and hard work. He sleeps seven or eight hours a day. Compared with other students, Fu Jingchen never has much difficulty in learning. "He loves thinking very much. He is more competitive. His weakness is that he loves to cry. When he was a child, he played chess, he lost once and cried once. After crying, he rode his father's neck to comfort him." Accompany and love, so that Fu Jingchen has an endless stream of spiritual resources, but also a great magic weapon later. "In his bedroom, there is a big box for the award-winning certificate. If you throw away a lot of shells, you can't put them." "Fu Jingchen is fond of playing. When he is free, he plays games. When he plays games, I play standard American English to him as the background sound of the game. During the epidemic period, the score once dropped to the 48th grade in the grade. It turned out that all the students were around 10. He didn't go all out to study, 7 points to study and 3 points to play, "Wu said.  

       When you come to banyan village, 50 Town, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province, you can see the light. "The village has moved to the side of the road, so it's convenient to enter the city!" Lu yourong, 80, was smiling. It is difficult to travel, to eat, to go to school, to see a doctor, to marry a daughter-in-law These "difficulties" have long troubled 129 villagers in banyan village. In 2016, the fifth and sixth groups of laobanyan village were included in the relocation plan for poverty alleviation. "When the general secretary came, the main project of the relocation house in banyan village had been basically completed, and the supporting facilities were under construction." Su Jiangning recalled, "the general secretary is very concerned about the quality of the relocated house, the infrastructure of the new village and the life of the villagers after the relocation. He looked and inquired carefully. He thought it thoughtful."   Human civilization has a long history. After the Neolithic age and the pottery age, bronze civilization was born in the Yellow River, Yangtze River and Pearl River Basins in China about 5000 years ago. Through the Xia, Shang, Zhou to the spring and Autumn period, as long as 1500 years, to the peak in the Western Zhou Dynasty. A large number of exquisite bronze ritual vessels were unearthed from the Zhouyuan site and FengHao site in Fengqi area of Baoji, which showed that the Chinese bronze casting technology and casting technology were quite mature at this time. The bronzes unearthed in Sanxingdui, Sichuan, can be compared with those of Zhouyuan, which shocked the world with its strange composition and exquisite shape. It is a pity that more than 700 bronzes have been unearthed on both sides of the Hanjiang River at the junction of Chenggu and Yangxian in the Western Qin Dynasty between Baoji in the Western Qin Dynasty and Sichuan Province in Tianfu. However, more than 700 bronzes have not yet attracted wide attention. The earliest record of Hanzhong bronze ware is shuijingzhu: "the Han River flows to the south of Hucheng The 13th year of Yixi (418) There are twelve copper bells in the water "Yang county annals" also recorded: "in the County West Machang, Caixing Daoguang, earth brick excavation, more than 30 pieces of ancient Ding burial utensils. In the seven and eight years of Tongzhi period, another 20 or 30 pieces were collected. Cai's family began with the burial of tripods. Now he is rich and his pottery industry continues. I hope he can get something On the 11th, the A-share market rose and fell back, but the trading volume remained above trillion yuan, and the northward capital continued to flow in. Public offering institutions pointed out that at present, there is no obvious sign of tightening liquidity, and the market adjustment space is relatively limited. Next, the semi annual performance of listed companies will become a key factor in the development of the market. Among them, the performance of semiconductor and 5g and other high landscape bearing plates is relatively certain, and the overvalued value is expected to be digested through performance growth. On the 11th, with the help of the consumer sector, the Shanghai index once stood at 3400 points. As part of the plate failed to take the long, the market sentiment then fell, leading to the stock index callback. From the disk, food and beverage and agriculture and other sub sectors are still sought after by funds, and some military concept stocks also rose against the trend.

      Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, recently made important instructions to curb the waste of food and drink. He pointed out that the phenomenon of food waste is shocking and heartbreaking! "Who knows that every grain of Chinese food is hard." Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most important factor in food safety. Despite the continuous harvest of grain production in China, we must always be aware of the risks.      

       Song bin, a member of the road prevention and control group of Urumqi epidemic prevention and control headquarters, said that since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, Urumqi city has scientifically refined screening measures based on the actual situation of road traffic and in accordance with the work requirements of "no missing one person, no missing one vehicle". While strictly implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, it has enthusiastically served the masses with traffic demand. The second is to do a good job in vehicle management of personnel leaving Uzbekistan. For those who need to drive to Urumqi and leave Xinjiang by plane or train, they should hold the nucleic acid test report (negative) within 7 days, have no abnormal health code, and have valid air tickets and train tickets. Those who leave Urumqi by bus and return to other places and prefectures in Xinjiang after discharge shall be allowed to leave Uzbekistan with discharge certificate and nucleic acid test report (negative) within 7 days.     

      "Since we settled in the village, we have effectively promoted the transformation of living environment by building good villages, good roads, good orchards, good forest belts, good courtyards and good environment." Han Jianping, the first Secretary of the Policy Research Office of the Party committee of the autonomous region in the village, said that the "two committees" and the working team of the village have organically combined poverty alleviation and beautiful rural construction, planting flowers and trees, beautifying and greening the village, and made great efforts in the appearance of the village. This year, eight departments and bureaus of our region jointly issued the "autonomous region farmland shelterbelt construction and village greening and beautification plan", focusing on the construction of farmland forest network and village greening, deeply promoted the land greening. In the first half of the year, 1104 villages carried out greening and beautification construction, and the "four sides" greening area of villages reached 82000 mu. In terms of allocation, the first is to establish a daily account system for epidemic prevention and control funds, strengthen the management of funds, carry out fund scheduling in an orderly manner, and give priority to the allocation of funds for epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure that the funds are in place in time. Second, centralized and unified management of emergency medical materials in the city, dynamic inventory of material reserves, scientific and timely replenishment of materials to front-line units through comprehensive analysis and grassroots investigation every day. At the same time, we should establish and improve the overall allocation mechanism of medical institutions to ensure that the emergency medical materials collection and allocation is strong and orderly. The third is to strictly control the secondary distribution of emergency medical materials in accordance with the autonomous region's standards for distribution of emergency medical materials, especially for the supervision and inspection of terminal distribution to ensure that materials are deployed in place. Fourth, coordinate the deployment of all kinds of emergency medical materials for front-line epidemic prevention personnel, increase the deployment and supply of masks, protective clothing, thermometer and other materials, and give priority to meet the needs of front-line epidemic prevention personnel. In terms of delivery, the first is to implement the "green channel" free and fast passage requirements, timely coordinate and solve the traffic problems of relevant vehicles, ensure the smooth, efficient and safe operation of emergency medical materials and other transport vehicles, and ensure that emergency medical materials are delivered to hospitals and epidemic prevention stations in time. Second, the urban (county) two-level commercial departments form a joint inspection team to carry out market supply inspection, actively connect with the district (county) management committees, help coordinate and solve the difficulties in the supply of emergency medical supplies and daily necessities, and ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials in place. Third, coordinate the local pharmaceutical enterprises to increase the market supply of emergency medical materials. At present, 62 drug wholesale enterprises, 24 drug retail chain headquarters and 1089 chain stores in the city are in normal operation, and the medical supplies market is in sufficient supply.  

        For example, Guangdong Province has fully considered the local resource endowment and the bearing capacity of enterprises, and has determined the specific applicable tax rate, tax collection method and specific tax reduction and exemption measures for the taxable resources of Guangdong Province with the guidance of resource conservation and intensive utilization and environmental protection. For the 29 tax items that have been set in the resource tax reform of Guangdong Province in 2016, the applicable tax rate is directly shifted in principle, and the tax rate of individual tax items is appropriately adjusted; in principle, the tax rate of the 126 newly established tax items is determined according to the median value of the upper and lower limits of the tax rate of the resource tax law, and the ore dressing tax rate is determined according to a certain ratio of the raw ore tax rate. In terms of the Levy method, ad valorem is the main method, and only geothermal, mineral water and other clays are subject to specific levy. At the same time, in order to encourage enterprises to protect the environment and promote the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, preferential tax policies on the mining of associated minerals, low-grade ores and tailings have been formulated.  With a small medicine box on her back, Si Riqin walked out of the door of fan Haixia's house. She didn't go far. She came to Danzheng Zhuoma's home again after turning the corner? &Zhuoma and her wife were waiting at home early in the morning. &"Thousands of families leave footprints and medicine boxes are fragrant with soil;. Over the past 12 years, she has made countless visits to her home, making her know the family situation of each household in the village like the palm of her hand, who has patients, what medicine patients need to take, and how much medicine they need & hellip; & hellip; she knows everything. Si Riqin, who is considerate and considerate, has long been regarded as the most intimate person. On New Year's day, villagers always invite him to sit down at home. 


      The novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital director Zhu Yulong said that the 1 cases of discharged cases were heavy, 27 cases were common, 13 cases were light. Among them, novel coronavirus pneumonia and other underlying diseases were admitted to hospital during this period of severe hospitalization. In accordance with the national health and Health Committee's "new version of coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial version 7th Edition)", we promptly adjusted the treatment plan according to the patient's condition, refined the treatment measures, implemented the integrated treatment of Chinese and Western medicine, and grasped the details and precise treatment in the treatment of drugs, when the blood was taken. When oxygen saturation dropped to about 88%, patients were sent to ICU for monitoring treatment. After a week's treatment in ICU, the patient's condition improved significantly. When oxygen was not inhaled, the blood oxygen saturation reached 96%, and he was able to move freely. Chest X-ray and CT examination showed that the lesions of the two lungs were gradually absorbed, and the patient's mental state was obviously improved. After that, he turned back to the general ward for nutritional support and functional recovery. This is undoubtedly good news for our medical team, and it is also the reward and willingness of everyone for their efforts and efforts It has strengthened our confidence in curing patients.  &Li Zhaoqian, member of the Party group and vice chairman of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, NIMA Zhuoma, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress and Secretary of the State Party committee, and Kuang Yong, vice governor and chairman of the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, jointly unveiled the brand. Li Zhaoqian and NIMA Zhuoma spoke respectively. In his speech, Li Zhaoqian pointed out that the spirit of "two bombs and one star" is highly consistent with the spirit of entrepreneurship, which is a powerful spiritual force to encourage and encourage the majority of private entrepreneurs to overcome difficulties and obstacles and actively participate in the construction of a powerful socialist country. He stressed that in the face of the severe and complex international environment and various risks and challenges, young entrepreneurs should inherit and carry forward the "two bombs and one satellite"; The spirit is to strengthen our ideals and beliefs, listen to the party's words, follow the party's way, and consciously link the personal ideal with social progress, enterprise development and destiny of China in the guidance of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, so as to ensure the correct development direction of enterprises. To inherit and carry forward the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite" is to have the courage to explore and innovate, to be good at judging the situation, to capture and create opportunities from the immediate difficulties, to seize the opportunities of international pattern change, national series of driving policies, and enterprise digital transformation, so as to minimize the impact of the epidemic and promote the healthy development of enterprises. To inherit and carry forward the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite" is to keep the mentality and drive of entrepreneurs, observe the general situation, keep their own responsibilities and attack difficulties, lead enterprises and employees to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, closely follow the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, work together to overcome difficulties, and let the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite" radiate new light of the times. The framework of "police grid + grid" of village (community) cadres, police and auxiliary police should be established to draw lines and compile a network. Each intersection is jointly set up by township (town), village (community) and help unit to set up three managers to determine the solution and discussion point. Meanwhile, the "Internet plus mediation" mode should be established to integrate "mediation and docking", "mediation and docking" and "police and civilian joint adjustment" to actively resolve all kinds of contradictions and disputes. If it does not belong to the scope of the "police grid", the parties should be guided to solve the problem through the grid joint debugging, and the "Grand Mediation" pattern should be constructed to ensure that the contradictions are solved in the grid. Yurt mediation room should be set up in summer pasture to solve all kinds of contradictions and disputes in pastoral areas, and open up the "last mile" of conflict and dispute mediation. At the same time, in the "Yufang mediation room", the police officers of the judicial office also organized the herdsmen near the summer ranch to carry out publicity activities on Poverty Alleviation Policies, laws and regulations, and distributed publicity materials on the spot. Up to now, the yurt mediation room has handled 15 conflicts and disputes, carried out more than 10 legal publicity sessions, distributed more than 300 publicity materials such as the constitution, the people's mediation law and the marriage law, and conducted on-site consultation for more than 10 people. In February this year, faced with the impact of the epidemic situation, guanshanhu District issued several measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses to tide over difficulties, effectively promoting the resumption of work and production; on March 5, guanshanhu district held the first batch of support fund cashing ceremony, and representatives of enterprises and individual businesses in the jurisdiction received support funds and worked together to tide over the difficulties together. &In recent years, with the development of guanshanhu District, infrastructure has been gradually improved, commerce and trade are gradually supporting, and the industry has developed orderly. This year, according to the actual situation, Guanshan Lake area has decided to seek space effect. &Huang Huaming, deputy director of the guanshanhu District Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau, said that the implementation of several measures to promote the economic development of buildings in guanshanhu district is one of the specific measures to seek effect from space.