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      Third, opening up green channels to serve the masses of all ethnic groups. On the premise of strictly carrying out epidemic prevention and control work, we will open up green channels for transport vehicles of vegetables, grain, meat, eggs and milk and other important necessities of life in the city, as well as vehicles for the elderly, children, pregnant women and the transport of patients with acute, severe and dangerous diseases. Priority should be given to inspection to ensure passage. Convenient service points are set up at each highway epidemic prevention inspection point, and emergency supplies such as Nang, bread, bottled purified water, instant noodles and basic medicines are provided to the masses of all ethnic groups in need in time. Fourth, earnestly implement the requirements of prevention and control. According to the characteristics of face-to-face contact in epidemic prevention and control of highway epidemic prevention and control points, timely distribute protective articles such as detergent free disinfectant and disinfectant alcohol to the staff. All staff should wear isolation clothes, masks, goggles and gloves before work. The waste is collected and collected in each detection point, and the environment of the detection point is killed twice a day, and the nucleic acid detection is carried out for all staff on a regular basis.       

      Stocks, on the day of the London stock market stocks in services stocks led, located in the rise of the top five stocks are: sports betting company GVC holding company shares rose 9.64%, international united airlines group rose 8.43%, TV operators ITV shares rose 5.84%, the Russian steelmaker EVRAZ shares rose 5.82%, information services firm Informa shares rose 5.74%. Among other major European indexes, the CAC-40 in Paris closed at 5,027.99, up 118.48 points, or 2.41 percent, from the previous session. The DAX index in Frankfurt closed at 12946.89, up 259.36 points, or 2.04 percent, from the previous session.  The grain and oil processing enterprises in Xinjiang are in normal production. 85 flour processing enterprises are included in the statistical monitoring. Except for 3 enterprises whose technical transformation and production stop, the rest 82 start production normally, and the average daily output is about 6000 tons. Among the 49 edible vegetable oil processing enterprises included in the statistical monitoring, 48 are operating normally, with an average daily output of about 900 tons, which can meet the demand of market supply. Song bin, a member of the road prevention and control group of Urumqi epidemic prevention and control headquarters, said that since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, Urumqi city has scientifically refined screening measures based on the actual situation of road traffic and in accordance with the work requirements of "no missing one person, no missing one vehicle". While strictly implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, it has enthusiastically served the masses with traffic demand. The second is to do a good job in vehicle management of personnel leaving Uzbekistan. For those who need to drive to Urumqi and leave Xinjiang by plane or train, they should hold the nucleic acid test report (negative) within 7 days, have no abnormal health code, and have valid air tickets and train tickets. Those who leave Urumqi by bus and return to other places and prefectures in Xinjiang after discharge shall be allowed to leave Uzbekistan with discharge certificate and nucleic acid test report (negative) within 7 days. Stocks, on the day of the London stock market stocks in services stocks led, located in the rise of the top five stocks are: sports betting company GVC holding company shares rose 9.64%, international united airlines group rose 8.43%, TV operators ITV shares rose 5.84%, the Russian steelmaker EVRAZ shares rose 5.82%, information services firm Informa shares rose 5.74%. Among other major European indexes, the CAC-40 in Paris closed at 5,027.99, up 118.48 points, or 2.41 percent, from the previous session. The DAX index in Frankfurt closed at 12946.89, up 259.36 points, or 2.04 percent, from the previous session.

         In his speech, NIMA Zhuoma pointed out that in the birthplace of the spirit of "two bombs and one star"; The establishment of the ideal and belief education base for private economy personages in China's Atomic City is an important measure to strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs, revolutionary tradition and patriotism for the people of private economy. It will further stimulate the motivation and feelings of private entrepreneurs to keep upright and innovate and serve the motherland. It will also be in a wider range, wider field and higher level Spread and carry forward the spirit of "two bombs and one star" and lay a strong ideological foundation for the development of China's private economy with excellent politics, solid style and hard work.  

      The urban environment is the basis for the survival and development of the broad masses of the people. Only by constantly improving the urban appearance can people's livelihood be improved. Toward the goal of "exquisite city, quality Jiaozuo", we adhere to the "beautiful" as the standard, our Dasha River, from the past unrecognizable, full of holes flood river, smelly river, gorgeous turned into a new engine of urban transformation and development, show Jiaozuo image of the meeting room, the stage of public activities; The green belt of the South-north Water Diversion project has changed from a mess to a green corridor benefiting the people, appearing on CCTV and other mainstream media for many times. The ship to wander more urgent, people to the half mountain road more steep. Cities are becoming more "beautiful" and people are feeling more comfortable. However, there is still a certain gap between the present achievement and the goal of "exquisite city and high-quality Jiaozuo". We must continue to make great efforts to dress up the "beautiful" city, so that Jiaozuo can become not only the appearance level but also the quality, and then become the special capital to promote the high-quality development of Jiaozuo. "In the next step, in the process of Promoting Rural Revitalization and realizing the Chinese dream, on the basis of ensuring housing safety, there will also be higher-level improvement, such as unifying urban and rural housing safety standards and other measures, and jointly improving the people's sense of happiness through the concerted efforts of multiple regions and departments." He said. Xi Jinping was always worried. The people-oriented policy directly reaches the people's heart, and solid and effective measures have been put into practice. The construction of China's housing security system and supply system continues to improve, the ability of housing security is constantly enhanced, and the happiness and sense of gain of people's life are constantly improved.  Zhangzhuang is the birthplace of Jiao Yulu's spirit and is close to the last bend of the Yellow River. The village cadres boldly made a decision to develop rural tourism. In recent years, Lao you found that the cadres had more and more ideas and were more and more energetic. Out of his trust in the village cadres, he decorated his farmyard into a B & B. Last winter, a few villagers' water pipes froze and cracked. In order to eliminate the hidden danger, the village cadres were busy visiting each other. After investigation, it was found that the roof of a non-poverty-stricken family in the village leaked rain, and their children worked outside, leaving only the elderly left behind. Theoretically speaking, there is no policy support for the housing repair of non poor households. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "the key to improving the quality of poverty alleviation is quality." In those days, Jiao Yulu led the people of Lankao to get rid of sandstorms, salinities and waterlogging by "being close to the people and loving the people, working hard, being scientific and realistic, facing difficulties and making selfless contributions". Today, we still need such spirit. We can see from Zhang Zhuang's changes that cadres' style of work has changed, their minds have been emancipated, the relationship between cadres and the masses has been improved, and the right measures have been taken, so that we will be able to uproot the root of poverty and get rid of poverty and become rich.  

      "Potatoes, tomatoes, potatoes, and some small dishes are all there. People from the village committee planted vegetables for us in the spring and sent us greenhouses. Now we don't have to pay for vegetables. We can eat fresh vegetables in our own yard," said the villager, tigsbek jigger Since he moved into his new home, bahejiang kermujiang has started his well-off life. In the past, her family was very close to each other. Her family had four people, and they all depended on their parents to do odd jobs to earn money. Now, her family has opened a Happy Farmhouse, earning more than 7000 yuan in just 20 days. Now she opened a small shop. She said that her life is really good now. She wants to go to school well and earn more money when she grows up. Chen Gongyan introduced the company's culture, poverty alleviation work and the development of key businesses. He said that the development of Zhaotong has entered a "fast track" in recent years, with huge development potential and good enterprise development. China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. will vigorously support, promote and help Zhaotong enterprises to develop, establish a comprehensive service area in Zhaotong, transplant good service modes to Zhaotong, and contribute to the development of Zhaotong. Chen Zhenyong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, presided over the meeting; Li Laixing, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and vice mayor, introduced the situation of Zhaotong City and the economic and social development of Zhaotong; Wu Guofang, vice president of China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd., introduced the real economic situation of Galaxy Securities by using multi-level capital market; Liu Feng, chief economist of China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd., introduced the macroeconomic situation Hao Liuyong, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, and Guo Xiaodong, Secretary General of the municipal government, attended the meeting. "Since we settled in the village, we have effectively promoted the transformation of living environment by building good villages, good roads, good orchards, good forest belts, good courtyards and good environment." Han Jianping, the first Secretary of the Policy Research Office of the Party committee of the autonomous region in the village, said that the "two committees" and the working team of the village have organically combined poverty alleviation and beautiful rural construction, planting flowers and trees, beautifying and greening the village, and made great efforts in the appearance of the village. This year, eight departments and bureaus of our region jointly issued the "autonomous region farmland shelterbelt construction and village greening and beautification plan", focusing on the construction of farmland forest network and village greening, deeply promoted the land greening. In the first half of the year, 1104 villages carried out greening and beautification construction, and the "four sides" greening area of villages reached 82000 mu.  There are more than 5 million square meters commercial buildings in guanshanhu district. However, due to the long construction time span and different construction standards, the quality of business buildings is different. "Guanshanhu District encourages the construction of high-standard buildings. For buildings that have been completed and have been in normal use for more than three years, developers or operators can get corresponding rewards if they carry out hardware facilities and business supporting facilities transformation," Huang said. &In addition, in order to vigorously develop the advantageous characteristic industries focusing on modern service industry, guanshanhu district has decided to build characteristic demonstration buildings. According to the deployment, on the one hand, we will focus on building with industrial characteristics by taking architectural design, human resources, conferences and exhibitions as pilot projects; on the other hand, we will highlight the economic contribution of buildings, and gradually cultivate "buildings with tax revenue of 100 million yuan and buildings of 10 million Yuan";.

      Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been actively promoted in China as a whole, and the overall recovery of the economy has been improving. Especially in the automotive market, the sales promotion has been continuously improved. Experts remind that from the perspective of the industry development trend, although the production and sales growth momentum is good this month, the enterprise terminal inventory growth is obvious, so enterprises should pay attention to the change of inventory and avoid increasing the burden of enterprises due to excessive inventory. On July 11, the China Automobile Industry Association (CAAC) released the production and sales data of China's automobile market in July. On the whole, China's automobile industry continued the recovery momentum in the second quarter of this year, and the production and sales indicators showed a year-on-year growth. Among them, the sales volume of commercial vehicles increased by nearly 60% year-on-year, and new energy vehicles achieved positive growth year-on-year for the first time since this year. On this basis, Haixi Prefecture implements the "double contract" service system to ensure that a family doctor team signs up to provide health management services, and a rural cadre signs a contract to provide health poverty alleviation policy propaganda and medical insurance reimbursement. The contracted services of family doctors of the poor and the contracted services of the poor patients with chronic diseases should be signed completely;. To build a high-quality and efficient medical and health service system in agricultural and pastoral areas. In our daily life, we can often hear the story of "the most beautiful rural doctor". Some people have stayed on the island for more than ten years, while others have been busy in the mountains for decades. Nowadays, thousands of rural doctors, like Si Riqin, are in the trend of the progress of the times, with great love and consultation, only for the health and happiness of rural people! At present and in the future, China's development is still in the period of strategic opportunities, but opportunities and challenges have new development and changes. From the domestic perspective, we are in the historical convergence period of achieving the "two centenary" goals. Development has many advantages and conditions. At the same time, the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development is still prominent, and the task of promoting high-quality development is still arduous. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and China are facing a great change in the world. The global governance system is undergoing profound changes. The emerging market countries and developing countries are rising in a group. The international power contrast is increasing and global challenges are increasing. The new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is rising. The trend of unilateralism, protectionism and anti globalization is rising. It has caused serious impact on the world economy. The international environment facing China's development is becoming more and more complex, and the instability and uncertainty are obviously enhanced. In order to better cope with the new changes and challenges of the domestic and international development environment, we must accelerate the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other, consolidate the foundation of economic development, stimulate development vitality, and enhance the ability of China's economic development to resist external risks. In order to let outdoor workers such as sanitation workers, takeout workers, express delivery brother and other outdoor workers have a cool summer, recently, the "staff post station" of Shuifu City Federation of trade unions officially launched, and launched a month long "love freezer" summer drinks free delivery activity, to send a cool and caring for outdoor workers. At present, there are two "staff post stations" in Shuifu City, namely, the first floor of gaotan Federation of trade unions and the service center for party and mass activities. The purpose is to provide outdoor workers with a place to prevent heatstroke, keep warm from the cold, drink and rest, and solve the problems of drinking water, dining, going to the toilet, resting and surfing the Internet, so that they can truly feel the warm care of the "workers' home" organized by the trade union.

      In the future, our district will also take the rehabilitation and reconstruction of farmland shelterbelt and the greening and beautification of villages as the key points of afforestation and land greening. With local tree species as the main, the government will provide seedlings and mobilize the masses to plant trees. By 2022, the restoration and reconstruction of 950000 Mu farmland shelterbelts will be completed, and the greening and beautification of villages will be basically completed. Since the beginning of this year, Balikun Kazakh Autonomous County has combined patriotic health campaign with courtyard renovation and beautiful rural construction. Through the implementation of household toilet renovation, domestic waste treatment, sewage treatment, and separation of three areas, the rural living environment has been significantly improved. Saidehan Dawu, a villager of the animal husbandry village of kuisu Town, said: "the inside and outside of the house are clean, and every family's courtyard is green. The village is becoming more and more beautiful."      The domestic big cycle and the domestic and international double circulation are mutually promoting and internally unified. The domestic and international circulation is the foundation of constructing the domestic and international double circulation, and the construction of the domestic and international double circulation is conducive to smooth the domestic large cycle and continuously inject new power into the domestic large cycle. In order to speed up the formation of a new development pattern with the major domestic circulation as the main body and the domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other, we must adhere to the problem orientation, maintain strategic determination, and concentrate on our own affairs. First, we should strengthen scientific and technological innovation, speed up the research on key core technologies, master more key core technologies, seize the commanding heights of industry development, and improve the modernization level of China's industrial chain supply chain

        In his works, Zuo Tangquan first took a broad view and discussed Hanzhong, the birthplace of bronzes, from the grand background of geography and history. He quoted the Xinhua news agency as early as February 10, 1992 as saying: "a batch of Paleolithic tools were unearthed in Longgang temple, Nanzheng County, Shaanxi Province. According to the expert identification, these Paleolithic artifacts are more than 1.2 million years old, which is earlier than the Lantian ape man site." Therefore, in the "Shaanxi ancient history exhibition", the Shaanxi History Museum solemnly launched the cultural relics of the Paleolithic age in Liangshan, explaining to the audience that the history of Shaanxi started from Liangshan in Hanzhong. There are three signs of cultural maturity in academic circles: first, characters; second, urban living style; third, bronzes. Because human evolution began with making and using tools. The emergence of bronzes marks the great progress of productivity and the dawn of human civilization. Both Chinese and foreign anthropologists agree that bronze is the symbol of human civilization.  Altay news network news (correspondent Wang Chaozhi, beerbeck narenhan) In recent years, Jimunai county has vigorously implemented the strategy of rural revitalization, building beautiful villages, taking the improvement of rural living environment as the key task of Rural Revitalization Strategy, guiding poor households to make scientific planning and separation of three districts, so as to turn "farmyard" into "beautiful courtyard" and "treasure pot", which not only beautifies the home but also enriches the pocket. On August 10, walking into the gate of Ye Jianlong, a villager in kezilegar village, wurast Town, Jimunai County, there are trees full of apples. Ye Jianlong, 70, can't wait to introduce his courtyard. There are not many fresh vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion, carrot and potato. "Now there are more than 20 kinds of vegetables planted in my garden, including apple trees and plum trees, and they all bear fruit this year." Ye Jianlong said with great enthusiasm. "It's hard to park in the community now, there are few places for leisure and entertainment, and the greening rate of the community is not high..." This is a problem reflected by the residents to the community at the meeting hall of "red property" of Jinshan North Road community, Jinshan Road Street, Altay City. According to the demands of residents, community leaders and residents work together to study solutions. Such meetings have been held in the community for many times to solve 16 problems involving community health and infrastructure. Zhang Ying, temporary Deputy Secretary of the general Party branch of Jinshan North Road, Jinshan Road Street, said: "the conference hall of" red property "serves as the Red Alliance


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