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      In August and September, the supply of local government bonds and government bonds will peak. Jin Yi team of Sealand Securities believes that it is difficult to effectively relieve the pressure of long-term capital by open market operation alone. In the second quarter, the excess reserve rate declined significantly compared with the first quarter, and capital fluctuations increased. The possibility of hedging RRR cuts in September increased. The central bank continued to emphasize the importance of structural tools in the second quarter monetary policy implementation report, and the refinancing rate is also possible to cut. (after)   Red Sorghum, Ordinary World, White Deer Plain, Wives and Concubines and other novels are well known not only for their own works, but also through the adaptation of films and plays. Besides film adaptation, what are the other ways of presenting the interaction between literature and image? How to in  

      However, the Chinese government has also taken some measures. For example, we still need to talk to the US side, and we should pay more attention to other parts of the world. Europe, The US, Japan, Asia, Africa and Latin America still have a lot to work with. Now that we are a big economy, and may be a high-income economy in a few years, we can rely more on domestic demand to support growth, but that doesn't mean foreign demand isn't important. Relatively speaking, both at home and abroad are important, but the domestic sector can play a bigger role. In terms of statistics, four guangdong players scored double figures, Including Wilms (28 points, 9 rebounds), Zhou Peng (20 points, 4 blocks), Zhao Rui (16 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 5 steals), Ren Junfei (12 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals) and Yi Jianlian (2 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals). Liaoning had 21 points and 5 rebounds, Han Dejun had 16 points, 19 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocked shots, Guo Allen had 14 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Zhao Jiwei had 10 points and 2 steals and Congchen had 10 points. The market gradually recovered, but also quietly changed. This summer holiday, people's travel habits, consumption preferences, focus and so on have changed. A survey conducted by CYTS shows that in contrast to the past. Price first, service first. Visitors now pay more attention than ever. Whether there is protection against epidemic and whether it can be effectively implemented. . Zheng Xianjun, who runs a travel agency in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, said the number of private and customized Tours has increased significantly this summer. & other; These small group tour products are very popular among tourists because of their privacy, high security and the ability to meet their individual needs. Throughout the &; At present, the small package team of less than 10 people is the main promotion product of Zheng Xianjun Travel Agency. With parent-child travel and family travel as the main, more to the red tourism destination. Throughout the &; According to Mr Zheng, it is no longer the price that is the main concern of visitors seeking advice.  

       "Old people have to do farm work, too. They can't stay home and look after their children all the time." Li Jia, a villager in Dalmoyu village who works outside the village, sent her three-and-a-half-year-old child to a "village school". "I can learn more in this way." Wu Chen doesn't just limit the village school to kindergartens. She hopes the School will become a public learning space in the village, providing places for children to study and play, as well as for adults to explore, share and communicate. However, when it comes to summer vacation, moyu Village School will focus more on children and launch different forms of summer vacation activities by itself or in conjunction with other organizations. This picture book creation camp of rural architecture is an activity of "Moyu Village School" in cooperation with other countries. Zheng Hongliang, a mine clearance supervisor, led four mine clearance operators into two groups and entered the last two channels simultaneously. The mine clearance operators carried out mine clearance in strict accordance with the United Nations Standard Operating Procedures for Mine Clearance and completed the task of removing all minefields in the afternoon. The director of the UNIFIL Mine Action Center, Michel Bilal, said at the acceptance inspection that Chinese peacekeeping de-miners are not afraid of hardships and dangers. The blue line & throughout; , which carries out uniFIL's most dangerous mission. Unifil and the Lebanese people are very grateful for your hard work. . He said Chinese peacekeepers were already in place. The blue line & rsquo; 14 years of mine clearance, creating mine clearance. The most numerous and the fastest. And & lsquo; Zero casualties, zero accidents; Excellent results, & LDquo; Is the best mine-clearance team in UNIFIL. . "We have found that some attentive parents will provide the doctor with a recording or video of their child coughing. This gives the doctor a visual understanding of the child's condition, which is very helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of the child." In the end, Yao did not reveal his special situation in the essay. He is satisfied with the results achieved. At present, Yao Junpeng has completed his application for the college entrance examination, choosing universities not far from home. His favorite major is Network and New Media in Shanghai University, and he hopes to be a writer of "we Media" in the future. & have spent Junpeng's experience is like the poetry he wrote. From have not learned to fly, to finally fly clumsy, to still fly clumsy; . Everyone wants to fly higher, but the premise is to fly all the time. Junpeng flies harder than his peers, but he keeps flying. He said: & other; I'll remember how wonderful it was. . He turned the difficulties along the way into the motivation to fight against adversity and to fly on. So no matter he flies with others than is high is low, but has been flying junpeng can fly higher is certain.

      Wen Bin, chief researcher at China Minsheng Bank, said credit growth in July was lower than expected, but the structure was optimized. Credit growth was lower than a year ago, mainly due to short-term loans and bill financing. Meanwhile, the overall performance of medium - and long-term loans is not bad. Deposits rose 80.3 billion yuan in July, down 561.7 billion yuan from a year earlier. Wen said the year-on-year decrease was mainly due to the fact that in the early months of the quarter, household and corporate deposits are usually shifted to off-balance-sheet financing, combined with the recovery of the stock market and the expansion of fund issuance, which diverts household and corporate deposits. Zhao Wei, chief economist at Open Source Securities, said the lower financing scale and accelerated contraction of trust were the main reasons for the lower-than-expected new financing. In the next two to three months, the growth rate of social financing stock is likely to continue to rise. This is due to the further implementation of measures related to proactive fiscal policies and the acceleration of new construction and construction of projects, which will boost the growth of corporate credit. At the same time, the issuance of local government bonds and national bonds is relatively large, especially the issuance of special bonds in August and September, which will form a certain support for social financing.   In terms of statistics, four guangdong players scored double figures, Including Wilms (28 points, 9 rebounds), Zhou Peng (20 points, 4 blocks), Zhao Rui (16 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 5 steals), Ren Junfei (12 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals) and Yi Jianlian (2 points, 9 rebounds and 2 steals). Liaoning had 21 points and 5 rebounds, Han Dejun had 16 points, 19 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocked shots, Guo Allen had 14 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Zhao Jiwei had 10 points and 2 steals and Congchen had 10 points.  

      See the cigarette butts on the ground quickly pick up, rail dust with a rag wipe wipe, the roadside weeds grow out one by one...... On the afternoon of August 6, a group of children wearing red caps and red vests were busy in jinxiang Garden community, Wangchu Street, Liberated area. They are "red scarf" volunteers of Fengzeyuan Primary School. At present, the city's "four cities joint innovation" work is in full swing. In order to help the "sun Create" work, the "Red Scarf" volunteers of Fengzeyuan Primary School once again carry out volunteer service and add luster to our city through their civilized behavior. On the same day, the school's "Red scarf" volunteers, their parents and 40 groups of families came to jinxiang Garden community with their big hands in their hands. Armed with dusters, buckets, brooms, and trash bags, they weeded, picked up trash, and cleaned the corridors around the neighborhood, as arranged by community workers. Although the sky is drizzling, but it does not affect the enthusiasm of the children to participate in the "four creative", they see the garbage to clean up, see pedestrians litter cigarette butts go up to dissuade. Through one hour's effort, the surrounding environmental sanitation has been significantly improved. Since its establishment in the People's Hospital in 2019, the Municipal Regional Medical Center for cardiovascular diseases has greatly improved the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Our city through a series of measures such as rational planning, capacity building and resource integration. In the same year, the Municipal People's Hospital also successfully established the National Chest Pain Center, jiaozuo key Laboratory of Cardiovascular microcirculation and the Municipal Quality control Center. In 2020, the center was officially listed as one of the top ten key work projects of Jiaozuo's health system. In July this year, the Municipal People's Hospital was certified by the National Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, and many people participated in the online national and provincial cardiovascular disease conferences for exchange and learning, which greatly improved their professional knowledge and technical level. In addition, the hospital arranges multidisciplinary experts to conduct ward rounds, surgical guidance, consultation and lectures to the member units of the medical consortium, which greatly helps the medical staff of the lower medical units to improve their professional knowledge and technical level    

      Appropriate tilt reflects the focus of care, mainly to elderly retirees and retirees living in remote areas and other groups to take care of. For example, Beijing will increase the number of retirees between the ages of 65 and 69 by 45 yuan per month per person. An additional 55 yuan per month per person aged 70 to 74; An additional $65 per month per person aged 75 to 79; Each person over the age of 80 will receive an additional 75 yuan per month. On the one hand, retirees' pensions have been raised year by year; On the other hand, in recent years, we have implemented the policy of reducing social security fees. This year, we further introduced policies to exempt, reduce and slow the old-age insurance premiums of enterprises, resulting in a decrease in the income of the old-age insurance fund. This increase and decrease, let the pension payment become the focus of social concern. & other; The plenum has pointed out the direction and provided guidance for the high-quality development of Guiyang GUI 'an, and further increased the confidence and determination of our grass-roots units to push forward all kinds of work. Throughout the &; Shen Ti, party secretary of The town, said that the town will further implement the spirit of the plenum, further consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and strive to promote the organic link between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. In the first half of this year, the town made full use of poverty alleviation efforts on the basis that all the registered poor households in the town were listed at the end of 2019. Window & throughout; To sink the warlord, to overcome difficulties, and to make up for them in an all-round way. Two worries about three guarantees. And rural drinking water safety deficiencies. Next, the town will strengthen dynamic monitoring, to ensure timely detection of problems, timely dynamics. Reset & throughout; According to the premise of rural revitalization & LDquo; Prosperous industry, livable ecology, civilization, effective governance, rich life. General requirements for the party to lead to the rural collective property rights system reform as an opportunity to further strengthen the grass-roots organization, vigorously promote the village one, we will accelerate the pace of a grassroots joint-stock cooperative, accelerate the local rural advantageous industry development, guarantee the farmers' income continues to grow, gradually promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.   

          Chen Hong, secretary of the county Party Committee, spoke at the meeting. County Party committee deputy secretary, county magistrate Zhang Hongwei to the second half of the work arrangements for deployment. The county leaders Yang Shuliang, Deng Guoxia, Chang Pingan, Li Jianfang, Liu Guanda, Qin Xuchen, Zhang Guihong, Sun Xufeng, Lei Yiming, Meng Jihong and Li Junli attended the meeting. First, we must affirm our achievements and be more confident in winning. Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the sudden coVID-19 outbreak, Boai County has achieved the goal of "zero" diagnosis. In the first half of the year, six major economic indicators have changed from negative to positive. The ratio of deposits to loans, the amount of new deposits and the amount of new loans in the financial sector are among the best in the city, and the six counties (cities) of vehicle and vessel tax revenue rank in the top. Actively strive for superior policy funds and project planning work, into the province to strengthen weak points 982 project 58, the total investment of 18.19 billion yuan, ranked second in the city; We planned 222 major projects with a total investment of 87.43 billion yuan. We have successfully established provincial-level regional tourism demonstration zones and become the second batch of recommended units for the acceptance and recognition of national regional tourism demonstration zones in our province. 

      South-north water diversion project of jiaozuo city section in the construction of green belts, party secretary wang xp stressed several times, to fully mix history culture and the humanities, dig the story behind the project itself, immigration, and ecological protection, comprehensive building, hierarchical areas show good water culture and spirit of south-to-north water transfer jiaozuo, explore, protect good, universal cultural heritages and speak good story from jiaozuo, building green belts project into real showcase and memory of the great project of scenic spot. In addition to the construction of each characteristic natural landscape, the park at each node of the green belt in jiaozuo urban area of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project has also built the site landscape of the village, the restoration of ancient buildings, and the protection of the ancient trees left over from the reclamation and relocation, so as to retain nostalgia. In addition, the city in the northeast corner of the main canal of the south-to-north water diversion project in renmin road into the city to build a collection exhibition, education, culture, records, and experience in an integrated water memorial hall, in the first out of the city in the construction of south-to-north water transfer project on the first floor, combined with the echo each other at a distance of sanyo city and wenbo places, show its local literature and history, create new heights, its history and culture.  "Ice Breaker" won the best Chinese TV drama award at the 26th Magnolia Awards, the Shanghai TV Festival, on Aug. 7, becoming the first online drama to win the award. The biggest difference between this year's Magnolia Awards and previous ones is that for the first time, network premieres are included in the awards. 10 & other; Best Chinese TV Series. Among the finalists were four TV series premiered on the Internet, including "Ice Breaker," "Twelve Hours of Chang 'an," "Celebrating more than a Year," and "Begang Red at the Temples." The award makes 2020 a milestone year in the development of online drama, which also shows a new trend in the development of Chinese TV drama industry. "In the last three years, things have really changed here." Walking on the colorful fitness trail, as a green belt demolition area resettlement households, Wang Yuansheng unconsciously recalled the previous scene. Due to various reasons, the green belt project in Jiaozuo City section has been difficult to advance after the main canal of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project was transferred and put on hold for 8 years. Both sides of the main canal are mostly dilapidated houses, which are badly built in private, and the environment is dirty and chaotic. Seen from above, this urban village, at the intersection of old and new, looks like a scar on the city. Faced with the difficult problems that have been shelving for a long time and the public's strong concerns, the Municipal Committee of the 11th Jiaozuo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) did not avoid or shirk them. Instead, the CPC committee of the 11th Jiaozuo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) tackled the difficulties head-on and dared to shoulder the responsibility. It put forward the work requirement of "having the final say, deciding to do the work, and no matter how big the difficulties are, they will not change", and started the expropriation and relocation of the green belt of south-to-North Water Diversion Project in early 2017. "When children from other places come to the village, most of their accommodation and meals are in the homes of 'new villagers'." Wu Chen's home in Dalmoyu village often provides accommodation for children at summer camps. In addition to summer camps for children from other places, "Moyu Village School" will also carry out summer activities for children from the village, focusing on expanding skills and tutoring homework to relieve the summer pressure of farmers. There are designers, painters, artisans and pilots among the "new villagers" in Dameyu Village, and there are many highly educated talents such as master's degree and doctor's degree. Therefore, this small village is also called "excellent student village". During the summer holiday, other "new villagers" in Tai Mo Yu Village also launched different activities, such as rammed earth building workshop, to help children and adults to enrich their lives during the holiday.

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